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Crispina ffrench

Zero Waste Meditation Ottoman - #10

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These heavyweight ottomans are made from scrap from my making process deeming us 'Zero-Waste' (meaning we don't landfil any of our scrap).  Approximately 17" in diameter, these solid fabric sit-upons are super comfy for a nice long sitting meditation. 

In the last 12 months, I have added a morning ritual to my days with a 15-20 minute meditation on one of these.  Small enough to accommodate an extended lotus and high enough to keep my hips and knees comfortable for the long haul. 

They are wonderful decorative accessories for putting your feet up, or perching around the coffee table.  Kids love them!

Pick from one of our collection, help bring awareness to zero-waste as a concept and hey, if meditation is your thing, even better!  The world will only become a kinder and gentler place as we work to promote both concepts~

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