Potholder Rug, Yellow - 20 x 30 in

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My Potholder Rugs are inch thick floor cushions that massage barefeet with every step. They are durable, warm in the winter and cool in summer and come in a wide array of rich colors and combinations of colors. Each one is hand woven on giant frame looms in Pittsfield MA with care, attention to detail, and environmental concern. I make them out of cotton T-shirts, sweatshirts, wool sweaters and any other type of stretchy discarded clothing. This 20” x 30” rug makes a perfect bathmat!They are easy care. You can vacuum them easily, steam clean, dry clean or machine wash them. They should be air dried and do require a few days for drying completely. Place them in the sun on a deck or over a banister where there is air circulation. Leslie says lay them to dry on a hammock. That sounds like a really good idea!

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