The Dolphin Studio

05.09.14 TDS3My sister, Sofia Hughes, and I run The Dolphin Studio as partners in the second generation family run hand silk screen printing business.  Founded by our parents, John and Primm ffrench in 1971, we are best known for The Dolphin Studio calendar.  The 2015 edition is our 44th year in production! The Dolphin Studio offices at 11 Main Street in Stockbridge MA

Our name, The Dolphin Studio, came from our family crest.  John ffrench was born and raised in Castle ffrench in Co. Galway Ireland.  The ffrench Family is one of the tribes of Galway and hence has a family crest that is designed around a Dolphin, an old-school celtic type dolphin.  My sisters and I were all born in Ireland where we own a modest cottage on Galway Bay in Kinvara.  We spend as much time as our busy schedules allow there and rent it to people when we are not using it.  Rental details here.

We print right around 2000 Dolphin Studio calendars each year. The 12"x 24" pages are designed and printed by family members at Shire City Sanctuary, where I (Crispina) house my textile recycling studio in the heart of Pittsfield, MA.  Shipping and customer service is conducted at our family's home on Main Street Stockbridge and headed up by Sofia.

Sofia and I have added a collection of kitchen linens and are working on developing a line of journal/notebooks.  You can learn more about The Dolphin Studio here.  And you can see all our current product offerings here.

Shire City Sanctuary in Pittsfield, MA home of The Dolphin Studio printshop