Subscription Products

Yay!   So glad you are checking out this listing for joining my Circle!  

By purchasing this listing you are paying for your first Circle Subscription mailing that sends in mid-October 2019 and reserving your spot in my Circle Subscription.   Circle is designed to inspire, uplift, and encourage attaining goals and moving to the next level on your path.
We will send you a link to jump on the auto-renew bandwagon so that each month you will be one of a limited number of lucky folks who get Circle monthly mailings that include:

     1. a nearly 6"x9" hand pulled inspirational screen print suitable for framing
     2. a monthly mantra
     3. a book recommendation
     4. a link to an online creative recycling tutorial
     5. a discount coupon code to one of our amazing sponsors' shops
     6. an invitation to a private forum for Circle members

If you or someone you know is interested in harnessing your human power and manifesting the life of your dreams this listing is for you!

Learn more about it and all the other interesting interactive creative recycling things I do at