Shari Moraga - Tuesday

I love making useful goods that are simple and lovely.  I was a decorative painter for 25 years, my start was in NYC.  When I imagined that the fountain at Lincoln Center was a creek I knew it was time to head west. In Boulder I immediately began painting, then got married and the family grew...a son, dogs, chickens and ducks. From painting with brushes I began experimenting with drawing with thread. 

Leo was my grandfather.  He had an amazing old store in Newark, NJ.  He opened after a long journey from Prague to Spain to South America.  Picking up languages along the way, he ended up in NYC, then NJ.  He married Lilly Rand and opened a dry goods store, classic awning that said "Leo's Dry Goods."  Some Saturdays I would go down and sit on a big, worn wooden stool and help out. Once in a while a customer would give me quarter. 

Back then nothing was made with anything but natural materials, and it was made well.  Hopefully I am making a difference in supplying handmade goods,  modern with a nod to vintage.



Sierra Rae Wilson - Thursday

Sierra was born and raised in a tiny village in Western MA surrounded by plants, animals and love. From this environment, she blossomed into a passionate follower of all that is wild and free. Her adventures led her to Montana, where she has been living for the past six years. Sierra works as a wrangler for an outfitting company Big Sky, training horses and teaching clients about the wonders of the natural world. 


Monica Callan - Friday

In my 30s I finally forced myself to introduce myself as “Artist” by getting a vanity plate I would have to explain (with the name of my emerging company), and people did ask (because they wanted to know if I loved the drink Moxie too—I don’t). I am a theater maker, this arcane, ancient practice that only religion is able to maintain some presumed relevance and revenue, unless, of course, you’re Disney. My work is experiential, ephemeral, like a wisp of smoke, only there for a moment before it lives as memory -- if you happened to see it. You can’t eat it, wear it, touch it, drive it, trade it, often it’s even hard to describe. It’s work  that affects its audience on a cellular level -- or it doesn’t.  It’s completely obscure and contrary to our fast moving world of instant gratification, screen addiction, and strategic money mongering, which for me, makes it that much more important to create.



Nancy Fitzpatrick - Sunday

A few things about me: I am happily post-career, my preferred term for “retirement.” I’m feeling the power and tyranny of time. I don’t want to be busy. I just want to be…That said, I’m 71, happily married with children and grandchildren (it's complicated), have lived in the same house for 40+ years and have been too busy for too long.