contact ragamuffinCrispina ffrench, sweater, and used clothing alchemist since 1987, currently lives in a sunny spot in the woods of western MA.    Her studio is housed in a renovated Roman Catholic church in Pittsfield, MA. She divides her time between her children, recycling business and developing the church and rectory, she and her husband, purchased in 2006. The goal is a community of creative endeavors including organic urban farming, utilizing sustainable building practices like rainwater catchment and alternative energy sources, and hotel/hostel music venue.

Historically, Crispina ran a wholesale recycling company that manufactured blankets, rugs, pillows, sweaters and Ragamuffins from recycled textiles from 1987 until May 2008.

Her first book, The Sweater Chop Shop, was launched August 27, 2009 with Storey Publishing.  You can email Crispina for your signed copy ($20, plus shipping) or purchase it at many national chain or, better yet, small locally owned bookstores.

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