About Crispina


Hey Earthling! WELCOME! 

How are you doing? I’m imagining that you are interested in learning a little about me and my brand:

As an art student back in 1987 I made my first Ragamuffin (a super cute stuffed toy constructed by hand from recycled wool sweaters). From that moment on, people would see my work and want to buy it (and I LOVE selling it!). So, without planning or business acumen Crispina (the business) unfolded and became my livelihood.

My parents were amazing artists and founded The Dolphin Studio in 1970 as a side-hustle to their full-time gigs teaching art at the local high school (where I was a student). As kids, one of our household chores was to help print The Dolphin Studio calendar. In 2010, after the passing of my dad (who was my best friend) my sister Sofia and I took over the family business. You can learn all about that here

Most days you can find me, in my studio. Although right now we are in the middle of a huge move! My hubby and I sold the majestic cathedral that housed my studios in the heart of Pittsfield! YAY!

Within the next month, my studio will be set up an rolling in the building we have called home for the last 7 years. My sweet family and I are moving two doors down to the most magnificent view of the Valley with a little more room. We are really excited!

Ok, before we get back to some fun facts about me and my biz, I really want to learn about you and what rocks your world - so when you are done reading this maybe you could fill me in?? There is a link at the bottom. I don’t sell or abuse my list in anyway, I honestly love to learn about each of you. I love to have a peek inside the world from your perspective. I love to think of creative recycling as a way of bringing people together to share time and experience, stories, and touch. (not weird touch).

My sweet hubby and I met when we were 3 and 5 years old. We have three kids (actually, 2 kids and an adult). We love our handmade home (where my man grew up) snuggled deep in the forest on a remote hilltop and we are super excited to reign it all in and bring a level of simplicity to our lives by our super duper exciting but unnervingly not-done-enough-yet move. EEEEKkkk!

Who knew that the over-all wearing, rebelious, art-student who nearly flunked out of high-school would have developed and morphed her life’s passion into a rockin’ lifestyle brand? Who the fuck knew! Dang! I am so grateful for the amazing path I have found - seriously ‘move stress’ and all, this life is blessed. I’d like to be able to share that somehow.

I'm probably sipping yerba mate, while strategizing new ways to connect with you and provide the inspiration and motivation you are asking for. Or, maybe I’m drawing up a festival poster idea, or custom wedding invitation to screen print, There are tutorials to develop, samples to make, surveys to read, and rest to be had. One of the things I love to do is document ways I can help others grow profitable, passionate, authentic and creative businesses that allow them to live more creatively and work less..

Ya wanna know what rocks my world? Making people feel empowered, whole and perfect just as they are. I strive to follow this path to a community of creatives who connect, share, and support each other 'cause sometimes it's great to have a shoulder to lean on, and and ear to bend or a place to share a great story or laugh. If I can be that person who allows you to find your awesome, my job is well done.