BIGGEST Sale of the YEAR ~ and Settling IN!

Hello Earthling! 

Not sure if I am able to make it really clear how much I appreciate you, just for finding your way here.  Really, without you all of this work to make cultural shift would be fruitless - so thank you for helping me spread the good word!

There’s some super cool tangible gratitude coming your way so READ ON!

I think we all relish the moments we are able to spend outdoors with friends?  Honestly, for me it really doesn’t matter the season or weather, maybe I’m a little unusual in that as long as I’m dressed properly for the season get me out there!

With our New England leaf buds popping and fiddlehead ferns pushing their way into existence I’m starting to think about music on the lawn at Tanglewood, the sunny beach days of our annual respite on Cape Cod and picnics with our family friends at our new home.

You know what else I’m thinking about?  I’m thinking about how I can best encourage human gentleness on this beautiful planet we all call home.  I’m thinking about a future when we all, no matter all our differences can live in harmony, in real balance with mother-nature.  This is no pipedream my friends, but rather our duty.

So, as we amp up our summer recycling in the studio we are settling in to our amazing new workplace and on a tangent to play a little catch up! 

Are you like me? Do you always think things are going to take less time and cost less than ends up being the case? 

It is a little embarrassing actually - because of our relocation did in fact take longer and cost more than planned and I thought I had planned it all out - I was CONFIDENT about it! In actuality our making, photographing, posting and shipping slowed right down and we need to play a little catch- up to stay on track.

The good news it that our remodel was so worth all the effort! This sunsplashed work space will soon be humming along as we jump back into creative recycling denim, corduroys, and upholstery scrap with our summer production. The last switchplate covers will be fastened in place this week and my awesome team can settle into a beautifully painted, slightly reconfigured, and comfortable place to work.

We spent a lot of time working outside our job descriptions these last couple months and now we are super excited and ready to jump back in to our more traditional roles. Before I let any sort of stress seep inside, let me shine a light on the ever-present silver lining here! Here it is! There is some AWESOME SAUCE right here for YOU!

We are having the BIGGEST sale of the year and we are calling it our Settling In sale!  If you have been around these parts for long you know that me, having a sale like this is not common thing! Right now, I need your help getting back into our flow.  From Thursday morning at 6am EST until Saturday May 4th at midnight you can get 40% off your entire purchase from our fresh and awesome denim collection to our our pre-stock for fall! That means all tangible goods in my shop are on GIANT SALE! Don’t wait cause this opportunity may NEVER come around again! Jump, with both feet, on it before its too late (or I change my mind)!

Beginning Thursday May 2 at 6am and closing on May the 5th at midnight its all 40% off! Help us get back on track and score the deal of the century in the meantime!

AND if you are not already part of the awesome community we are growing here, hop onboard! I’ll send you a signed and numbered welcome art/card in the snail mail to welcome you!


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