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My Fast - Seeing Clearly MY Excessive Consumption

ReconsumerEyes returns this week after a long hiatus. Each Monday morning - you will find this column where we will shine light on something that might make us rethink - or see differently our consumption. I’ll work on inspiring you with all sorts of cool and healthy ideas that I use or love myself. If you know a product, person, or idea that should be featured, pop us an email and tell us!

Let’s kick things off with a whole new awareness around food:

If you are like me you have been hearing about “The Master Cleanse” for years.  Friends have sung praises and I’ve read about it but it has never been something that I participated in fully.

My only experience fasting was when my son was small.  He was prone to respiratory infections that would wreak havoc for him for longer than most.  In order to keep him free of these germs at home, if I felt a sniffle or any sort of sinus pressure coming on I would fast for a day or two.  This invariably set my symptoms at bay and kept me on the free-breathing healthy path, and Ben too.  I really didn’t have any information about fasting other than what I learned from another young mom in the yoga changing room.  Her guidance seemed to work for me. 

Years later, I had kinda forgotten about the benefits of fasting and stumbled across the idea while feeling the need for a spring cleanse.

There is a chef I follow on Instagram who was talking about his use of ‘The Master Cleanse’.  It was recommended for a week before traveling on food related vacations, for a few days if you are feeling blue, over-stuffed or low energy.  He went so far to say that he believes that with fasting your body can heal itself from whatever might be causing dis-ease.  The chef and his personable, funny, and well intentioned teachings was brought to my attention by Ben.  He is an avid and accomplished home cook and had found the guy that way.  Then he tried the fast and was impressed with how good he felt while giving his digestive system a break. 

I decided to give it a try. 

My calendar was free of any sort of meal commitment with other for a few days last week making it possible for me to prepare last Sunday and kick things off on Monday morning.

On Sunday afternoon I prepared a few family meals for the week and made sure we had the basics for easy lunches and breakfasts for them.  I bought a bag of organic lemons and a quart of maple syrup and put my fast in my calendar.  Right there I made a commitment to Monday through Thursday if I could - definitely through Wednesday even if it was difficult.

Each day of the fast I could drink as much no calorie beverages as I wanted.

Start your first day with a strong cup of Yerba Mate tea, or warm salt water to clean out your digestive tract. 

Follow with lots of water. 

I use a 24oz Mason jar to measure my intake.

First 24oz glass – add a squeezed quarter lemon, and one tablespoon of maple

Next glass – plain water

Alternate back and forth for the day. 

If it is cold you can have hot water with lemon and maple syrup

Be sure you drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water each day. 

Sleep well.  Get 8 hours or more each night of your fast.

By day 4 I was feeling amazing and didn’t want to stop my fast – but I also didn’t want to be crazy so on Friday morning I started the day with a cup of simple mushroom broth (Any kind of broth is recommended).

Friday at noon I had handful or soaked raw almonds

Friday for dinner I ate a simple plate of hummus, olives, organic bakery made pita, and some steamed beets. 

Saturday morning I got up feeling amazing and down 6 or 7 pounds since Monday.

I did not find fasting difficult.  It is clear that we all have different responses to a lack of food intake – and I am not one to feel light-headed if I miss a meal.  It was helpful on day 2 when I did feel quite hungry to remember that I wanted to nurture my digestive system.  I wanted to clear my head of an oncoming sniffle, my body of the constant work digesting that I normally demand, and my mind of the habit of eating at mealtime regardless of need.  My fast helped me understand that my mind is powerful and able to manage my health without intake.  My fast helped me feel the desire to repeat it frequently reducing the demands I not only put on my own bodily functions but also on our planet.  I saved a ton of money and food my not eating for four full days – AND I got to feel the best I have felt in, seriously, I think it is fair to say I felt the best I have in YEARS.

Some people add cayenne to their master cleanse drink with the lemon and real maple syrup.  Having been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis I felt like it was in my best interest to not ask my fragile colon to process that sort of possible irritant.  Next time I will try a smidge of cayenne and see how that goes.  In the meantime, I am looking forward to finding another 3 or 4 days to cleanse my insides again.  Probably won’t be til late June - maybe around the Solstice. If you are Interested in joining me on my next fast, scroll down and leave a comment and be sure you are on my mailing list so we can touch base with details as the time nears. Share this around and leave your feedback below. There are never too many healthy people around!

Here’s to an ass-kicking week or magic, blessings and prosperity!



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