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Hello You!

You might know that I started a business as a college student (back in 1987) making toys and clothing using discarded wool sweaters for raw material.  Only recently has it become clear to me that that was just my introduction to business and the one I run now is really quite different. 

Looking back it blows my mind that so much has changed while the basis of why I do what I do has held pretty steadfast – with one addition.

 My goal is to change the world by bringing global awareness to our culture’s excessive consumption.  I teach a way to live in happy, satisfied, dreamy comfort while consuming a whole lot less.  I like to open eyes to the idea that we can up our reuse, and recycling efforts in concert with just using less to start with.

 Today is Earthday – the day when people around the world celebrate our planet and spend the day honoring that which gives us all life.  While it is wonderful to have this day to shine a light on our environment, it is more important than ever to make this thought, action and care a daily ritual.  We each have amazing human power to make real positive change, and together – we can make magic happen.  Thinking about each and every THING that we use throughout our days brings awareness.  Simple actions can bring about great change.  Turn off the lights you are not using, turn down the heat and wear an extra layer, recycle all the things you can in your area, purchase carefully considering quality over price, think about the distance goods travel to get to you, support local offerings whenever possible, buy efficient cars, appliances, and machinery, the list goes on!  Stick around and we will delve into all sorts of these ideas in more depth right here.

 Earlier this month I attended a really inspiring and uplifting conference focused on internet teaching/information marketing – or so I thought when signing on to join in.  When I arrived in Phoenix where the conference was held it was nearly immediately clear that the place I had landed was much more about deep connection, self-care and our human duty to share our gifts. 

During the first day attendees were asked to meditate on and really clearly decipher our Big Why.  Why is it that we do what we do?

 We talked about the four freedoms, identified as:

Freedom of Location, Financial Freedom, Freedom of Schedule, Freedom of Purpose

At this point the first personal epiphany of the conference came clear.  I have three of these.  I live and work in a place that I love – this manifested late last year and is coming to full fruition as we put the final finishing touches on our new studio nestled in the woods on a hillside in western Massachusetts.  My schedule allows for self-care first and then to be present with my family and all we have going on.  I can travel, help my son with the maze of medical appointments he is traversing and be at school gatherings, horse shows, and ski meets.  My job allows me a strong sense of purpose by using recycled materials, teaching delighted students, and having a loving tribe of amazing people scattered far and wide who shower me with love and appreciation (thank YOU dear one!)

 Ever since college, my income has been made doing work that I love.  Don’t get me wrong, it has not all been butterflies and unicorns!  There are pieces of my work history that have been super challenging and difficult.  There have been times when shutting it all down seemed like my best option.  My hardships were connected to my income – or lack there of.   Historically I have worked my ass off for sooo many hours.  I have focused the bulk of my energy and time on making my business work and all along the way the financial end of things has been the crux. 

Half of ‘My Why’ has remained pretty consistent since I started – To change the world by encouraging creative recycling and environmental awareness all while reducing our excessive consumption.  From this day forward let me add that creating real wealth is the other half of ‘my why’.  Beginning today (and I will continue to hone this) My Why is to change the world by offering creative recycling and environmental awareness all while building wealth and reducing excessive consumption. 

 With the help of amazing eye-opening business coaches, my new and growing entrepreneurial peer group, and old and faithful friends and supporters this new ‘why’ is right there on my horizon.  Building wealth will allow for me to share my gifts with many more people.  I’ll be able to reach people in places I’ve never dreamed of connecting to.  It is no secret that wealth allows for greater opportunities and adventures.  I love opportunities and adventures! So, today, on this blessed Earthday let me share with you just how grateful I am for this beautiful life! I am so happy to have this new awareness and YOU right here with me along for the ride.

 Thank you for being here and a part of it all.  Are you ready to rock this new chapter, this new season?  Scroll down and let me know what the missing piece is in your path that you are ready to take on.   

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