My Potholder Rug Mini-Course - A Quick Video Update

Hey Sweet Earthling!

Late yesterday we got a little ahead of ourselves and sent out the first in my 4 part Potholder Rug mini-series! It is so exciting to be right where we are today – ready to jump in to a whole lot of tutorials to teach my craft far and wide and ooopsie!

If I have had the pleasure to teach you in person, you likely know that I am all about tweaking my teaching to meet the needs of my students. Yesterday, when my FIRST Potholder Rug video snuck out of the ‘brand-new to us’ platform we are using to host the growing library of teaching information, it went without a place for people to comment and leave feedback! YIKES! This is so important to me! The comments, email, and general feedback I get from you is truly instrumental for my development of my courses. We remedied the situation – so if you had a chance to see my intro to Potholder Rugs video yesterday and feel like sending along your feedback you can leave a comment on this post or click this link to rewatch it and now you can actually leave a comment – which I will super appreciate. It is important that I am able to build your feedback into the future videos in the series and be sure to answer any questions that might arise.

Thanks for being here. Thanks for the support you give and the recycling you do.


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