Alignments and Manifestation + The Big Move

I am sitting here in my little office working on my computer for the first time in a week - trying to catch up with you online peeps.  This move has been taking all of my attention.  I’m feeling negligent of you guys and I’d say that I am sorry to leave you hanging but that doesn’t feel right – it doesn’t feel good to be sorry.  It feels good to be in touch now.  Part of the issue is that our new home has been completely off-line and today we will be connected via dish.  YAY!

You might not know that we moved both my studio and our family home.  Our new studio should be ready for working by the end of the month.  Brooke and I will now be focusing on staying in much better touch with y’all while Leslie, Kerry, Kip, and Michelle bust the move adding a fresh coat of paint all around this super cute cabin studio.

 Our online focus is exciting yet it is challenging for me to stay put at the computer when there are vacuums vacuuming, sanders sanding, cleaners cleaning right out side my tiny office door.  It feels strange to be sitting on my butt typing when everyone else is out there working physically hard.  My team is strong.  Able to manage this project without my input, helping me overcome this challenge.  It is a great lesson for me to stay focused and appreciate the capable, hardworking people around me.

I feel thankful for each one of you out there on this journey with me.  Knowing you are there moves me forward.   Here I sit.  Wondering what is realistic timing on the completion of all this mayhem – then my thoughts are interrupted by the realization that we are completing a giant transition to a place of great comfort and many blessings.  This preparation of our workspace is instrumental to the future I am building.  This work is the manifestation of the last year of my work.  Thank you universe!

Thinking that through helps me feel positive – de-stresses me and allows for me to enjoy the process.  Writing, journaling, getting thoughts out is a great way to find comfort and let go of expectation.  Do you have a technique for de-stressing that helps you find joy?  There are a few techniques in my practice.  I found this way recently while listening to Abraham.  Are you familiar with Abraham Hicks?  Amazing sage of all manner of best living practices through the law of attraction who lectures and has a podcast.

So for now, I am working on staying focused on the all the amazing alignments that have come together to bring us to this place together.  Again, Thank You Universe.

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